Everything You Need to Know for a Successful Video Conference Call

The need for online conference calls have risen ever since the boom of the internet age. Businesses today are run by companies that have their clients and employees from different parts of the world. Because of these tendencies to be more international-friendly, the online presence among employees has become a necessity. This is where video conferencing comes in as an important aspect of any business. Video conferencing has never been such a need as it is today. When taking the lead for these important events and meetings, it is necessary to note what you need to do before, during, and after each one. Here is everything you need to know for a successful video conference call.

Be Prepared

Prepare yourself before every video conference like you would before a meeting. Take note of who are involved, what the topics are going to be, and what your role is in the conference. Research the material if needed and don’t forget to note any questions you may have beforehand. Preparation is always key!

Being prepared mentally is one thing, but actually learning how to drive the call is another. If the conference requires video conference equipment to be used, then learn about the equipment your company uses. Familiarize yourself with the technology especially since these are high-end devices that were made specifically for this task. During the call, make your presence be known, especially when it is time for you to talk. Don’t forget to speak loudly and clearly to ensure your voice can be heard by everyone in the room and those on the call.


Be on time for these conference calls. It is good practice and helps embody yourself as a responsible and dependable person. It also gives you enough time to catch the initial jitters and nerves before the call starts.

Audio and Visual Support

Utilize audio and visual materials during the call when necessary. This will help drive the point home and keep participants of the call interested. You don’t want to bombard everyone with too much information, so keep these simplified and direct to the point where all participator in the call can understand. It is an efficient and effective way of keeping everyone engrossed and showcasing material in a fresh manner.

Share the Agenda

It is a necessary concept that many fail to do often when sending out meeting invites. Distributing the agenda of the conference meeting will set expectations to everyone involved. The topics to be discussed won’t have to go beyond what was listed since the participants will adhere to this list.

Know When to Speak

Because these calls are done online, there is a possibility that some will end up talking at the same time. If you are the one driving the call, ensure that everyone has the time to state their concerns before moving on. Practice patience during these calls and wait for the appropriate time to chime in.

Keep It Simple

Because everyone has to take some time off their day to be on the call, keeping it concise is the best way to do these types of meetings. Remember that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. Short and simple is the way it should be and ensure that everyone sticks to the agenda.

Encourage Participation

Because you’ve gathered all these minds for a collaboration during a conference call, encourage everyone to participate and speak their minds. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one, and conference calls can achieve this same notion even when everyone is miles apart. If everyone is involved, it promotes a sense of goodwill among the participants and establishes a great professional relationship.

Video conference calls have come a long way from when it first started. Remember these few things to ensure every conference call you do moving forward is the best that it could be.






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