Effective ways of lead generation: 3 rules and 5 tips

We talk all the time about the necessity to pump traffic and attract as many visitors to the site as possible. But not all of them will become your clients. Who are the leads? They are not just visitors who have visited your store’s webpage, wandering aimlessly on the Internet. These are those who are already interested in your goods or services.

Lead Generation. Beginning

Before you start acting, we advise you to analyze your business.

First, study your main audience. To attract leads, you have to understand who your client is. What age, gender, where they live and work, what do they love, and what they are interested in? Let’s say you have an online sporting goods store. You have purchased a new batch of expensive equipment that has just appeared on sale. Imagine that it can be used both at home and in gyms. In this case, your clients will be:

  • fitness centers that do not have such equipment yet;
  • people who are welloff enough to afford a purchase;
  • young people who like to experiment and try new things.

Examine your traffic sources. This item directly depends on the previous oneyour target audience. Elderly people can find out about your online store from a television advertisement or a cheerful promoter in a shopping center. For students, these traffic sources are not authoritative: they respect video bloggers, Instagram divas, social network stars, and other fashionable comrades. Well, you understand: choose traffic sources based on your main audience. If there are several sources of targeted trafficgreat, so you will attract more leads and increase your leads list. Experiment, combine different sources, weed out the unnecessary and develop the effective.

Think over the lead boosting scheme. It depends on how many prospective consumers are curious about your product. Let’s say you sell women’s clothing. The demand for it is huge, everyone needs clothes. The target audience is interested in shopping itself. This is called direct lead generation. You just need to push potential clients to buy specifically in your online store.

There is a second scheme: the consumers do not have any interest. Maybe they just don’t know about it, or maybe they didn’t think that they needed the product. Let’s remember how the mobile phone market developed: it used to be a luxury item that almost no one knew about, but with the help of marketing, people were convinced that a smartphone was vital for everyone. And so it turned out.

More lead generation options

Let’s have a deeper look at several ways to attract leads.

Landing page

Initially, landing pages were created in order to attract clients and pump traffic to the main site. It is clear that the assortment of an entire online store cannot fit into one landing page, and it is not necessary. Usually, a landing page is created for a specific product. Think about it properly: offer an unusual or littleused product, a super discount, a gift or bonus when ordering, and so on.

Youtube channel

YouTube is gradually becoming a new television: it has its own stars, popular channels, and programs. With the help of a YouTube channel, you can promote your products among young people, visuals (people who are more comfortable and clearer to receiving information using visual images).

Online store blog

The same, only for those who love and are used to reading. It is easier for many to perceive textual information than flashing pictures. And the video is not always convenient to watch. The article is appropriate to read in almost any situation.

How will a blog help attract leads? It’s very simple: if you show yourself to be a competent specialist, you will publish really interesting and useful informationpeople will wonder what kind of guys are these who are so well versed in fashion /sports/electronics and smartphones? Let’s see what they’re selling! A modest link at the end or in the middle of the text will help satisfy curiosity. Note that articles should not be direct advertising, their main purpose is uptodate information.

Feedback Forms

Tools that kill two birds with one stone: they help to communicate quickly with the client and collect contact information. In order for a person to voluntarily agree to leave their first and last name, phone or mail, you need to properly interest them. How? To offer a free service, a small gift or a discount. The task is made easier for you by the fact that people themselves came to the site, which means that the customer is no longer a cold client.

Personal charm

This method helps to raise sales no worse than contextual advertisingif, of course, the owner’s personality is really interesting to the masses. If you can’t boast of fame yet, work in this direction. Pump up the brand, act as an expert, give interviews to specialized publications, speak out on each significant information guide, and conduct crossmarketing campaignsin this case, partners will tell about you and your digital store.

How to understand that lead generation is effective?

Take into account the cost of a click in contextual advertising and the number of clicks to the site, and conversion rates. You have to evaluate them for each source of traffic and marketing channel which the leads originate from. The most basic formula is the percentage of net marketing expenses to leads acquired. The lower the number, the greater the effectiveness of marketing was.

Remember that the consumer’s interest needs to be warmed up. Remind yourself more often, write email newsletters, report new arrivals, and publish blog articles that you want to read and share with friends. This way you will maintain demand at the proper level, and regulate it at your own discretion. Good luck with the promotion!


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