Cryptocurrencies that are of Interest in 2019

After blockchain evolved to be the leading feasible technology, we have countless options in the digital currency list to invest. Some of these cryptocurrencies have proved to be profitable beyond our expectation while others have been disappointing. The interest of investing in these digital currencies keep on to increase despite the crypto industry facing financial crisis.

2018 was an awful year for the crypto industry. Its market went through severe price correction to a point where investors began doubting the future of blockchain technology. People also experienced losses due to data breaches, and so the importance of using secure Virtual Private Networks and making the most of other security methods was highlighted. You can discover the best free VPNs at to assist with this. However, despite all the losses the industry keeps on growing as new features and benefits keep on coming from this industry.

2019 seems to be a promising industry to the crypto industry as the prices continue correcting themselves for the past three months. Moreover, development in blockchain is in full force in preparation for the next bull run for the nine remaining months.

If it’s your wish to start investing in one of the digital currencies, then we’ve got you covered. Take a look at these top digital currencies that are of interest in 2019 and ones which will offer you high returns.


One of the most notable developments for bitcoin is the development of the lightning network. Through this development, more than seven transactions will be processed per second. The lightning network was created in late 2017; however, less was achieved. But throughout 2018 and spilling into 2019, we have witnessed the steady progress of this development. That is evident as the lightning network gained adoption by CoinGate.


Constantinpole is an update ethereum rolled out in January 2019. The update is designed to reduce block reward for miners, improve the efficiency of the blockchain, and enable the blockchain to be more ASIC resistant. That’s not the only thing as they are planning to have a second upgrade, which will feature the implementation of sharding and the Casper protocol. The second upgrade is aimed at moving this digital currency from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. Through this, problems such as large mining operations using too much power will be solved.


When it comes to status, Litecoin knows what to do. Litecoin is looking forward to being an alternative of other cryptos for everyday payments. They are achieving through their campaign that showcases the benefits of paying with LTC, such as low fees and quick transactions. Nonetheless, the release of Litecoin core 0.17, the LTC fees are set to go much lower than the previous years.


More features of the Shelley phase are expected to be rolled out in 2019. The features will start with stake pool test-nets and delegation. By launching the Shelley phase, Cardano will be achieving their goal of making their platform fully autonomous and decentralized. Besides that, the platform is expected to deliver smart contract capabilities that are suitable for usage in enterprises.


There is a series of developments expected to be rolled out by Ripple. First is the speed of the transactions. They aim to handle up to 1500 transactions per second consistently. Besides the fast transaction speed, they are aiming at acquiring an alliance with RippleNet, which deals with global payments. Additionally, they are forming partners with SWIFT, MoneyGram, and American Express. All these partnerships will enable Ripple to be a digital asset that can handle global volume as well as provide a scalable ecosystem for the incentivized partners.


After its main-net launch in June 2018, there has been an imminent growth in their value. One of the advancements have been exceeding dapp usage within a short time frame. In 2019, the platform will implement a technology known as zk-SNARKS that will offer users with options such as obfuscating their transaction information. They already completed stage 1 of their 6-stage plan in 2018, which was implementation. In 2019, they are moving forward to stage 2 which is focusing on solidifying their general use of their ecosystem. Additionally, stage 2 will emphasize dapp creation and distribution.


Throughout 2018, the crypto industry went through a lot to the point investors regarded crypto as a ‘dying’ industry. With these developments, things are looking to take a turn in the industry. 2019 will be a unique year for the industry as more developments and focus on efficiency and adoption of crypto keeps on increasing.


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