Creative Packaging Ideas For Shipping

Whether businesses realise it or not, small efforts to personalise your packaging can have a big impact on a consumers opinion of your brand. Why? It shows consumers that you care about the little things, helps boost customer loyalty by making people feel valued, and overall, it contributes heavily to your brand’s overall reputation.

 Here are some creative packaging ideas for shipping your products that are easy to try yet highly effective…


 If you’re an ecommerce business, putting your stamp and making your branding clear on your products is important to show consumers your legitimacy. Whether your business chooses to use stickers, tags, or other means to label your products – having your logo and brand name associated with your products is essential. Besides the fact that labels are important for brand reputation, they put consumers at ease knowing their products have arrived from a legitimate company.

Nowadays, consumers post everything on social media. Fail to label your products sufficiently, and your consumers may post pictures of your products when they arrive, but your brand won’t see any benefit for brand awareness.

Custom boxes

On top of adding eye-catching and branded labels to your products, you can get creative with the external appearance of your packaging too. Custom boxes are an easy way to add small touches without impacting the reusability or recyclability of your packaging. Brands can print or stamp their logo onto otherwise plain cardboard boxes so consumers can easily identify when their packages arrive and then reuse or recycle the boxes with minimal effort.

Cardboard boxes are highly cost-effective and can even be produced in-house using box making machinery, allowing businesses to take complete control of their packaging and shipping processes. Kolbus Autobox manufactures a wide range of machines aimed to help businesses of all sizes produce cardboard boxes of over 100 variations, to suit any unique product size. By producing their packaging in-house, brands can reduce their carbon footprint by only producing boxes to meet demand and producing boxes at specific sizes to avoid any wasted materials.

Inner packaging

As the saying goes, it’s what’s inside that counts – the same goes for packaging. While it’s important for packages to have your business’ logo or brand name somewhere on the outside, the way your products are packaged inside counts too. The options are endless for customising your inner packaging, whether you decide to gift wrap each product in branded paper, use personalised bags for each product or even secure your products with colourful box inserts.

 Personal touches

Whether your business is a new startup or you have been established for many years, personal touches or thank you notes will never go unnoticed. You could have a large volume of ‘personal’ notes printed and add one to each package to say thank you to your customers for making a purchase. Personal touches like this are also a valuable way to promote your social channels, offer discounts to encourage return customers and more.

Simplicity is key

While there are many creative packaging ideas for shipping products these days, it’s also important not to go overboard. If it looks like your brand is trying too hard or your packaging starts to look cheap, your packaging can actually have a negative effect. Personal touches and some customisation is great, but the main thing is ensuring your products are kept in top condition when shipped.



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