Collaborative Co-working – 5 Tips for Working in A Co-working Space



The collaboration is one of the most popular ways to work in the United States. When KFC collaborated with Taco Bell to bring customers one-stop culinary delights, we went crazy. When you could purchase those little Starbucks iced coffees in any grocery store, the American public was put on notice that the modern collaboration was firmly entrenched in modern business.

On a smaller scale, the collaboration can do wonders for your business as well. Through a co-working space, the modern professional has been positioned to accomplish many tasks and all from the hot-desk, namely engaging in collaborative efforts that help promote business opportunities. In fact, because of the office’s set up, professionals and businesses alike are primed to make connections across industries.

Keep reading to learn more about how the co-working space can promote collaboration and help you to create new opportunities in the co-working space.

Define The Layout

 The co-working space mixes work with social interaction simply through the way the office is organised. While there are dedicated desks, the hot-desk seems to be the contact point of a lot of conversation. These informal conversations are, in many cases, the first opportunities professionals have to get to know each other. Furthermore, unless the co-working space is a niche one, it is not uncommon to find professionals from a variety of industries working under one roof.

Engage Your Neighbours

 Adopting an open office plan that is a little less structured than in past incarnations, the co-working space is more comfortable for SMEs, start-ups and the self-employed to find affordable office space in trendy, smart commercial real estate locations. The office’s layout is designed to encourage social interaction, while not at the expense of work, in hopes that these daily exchanges translate into a network. This network serves as the foundation for raising your profile.

Seek Out Your Community

 Part of creating these collaborating opportunities is searching for and finding your community within these co-working enclaves. Many of the best co-working spaces promote this sense of community by hosting social events that can bring professionals together, including both work-related and non-work related events. The great advantage of these communities is the fact they are comprised of professionals from a number of different fields, which not only adds variety to the office but also opens up chances for alternative perspectives. However, by attending these events and networking, professionals can connect with both like-minded and alternative perspectives on industry practices.

Connect With Mentors

 Another offshoot of working in a co-working space is there are numerous opportunities to draw from a rich well of resources that make up the community. From this well, entrepreneurs seeking out mentors can easily connect with more seasoned professionals. The benefit of finding mentors within the co-working space include professionals being able to get information quickly and from knowledgeable, experienced sources. They can also receive referrals for more business, while having a source of moral support when business does not go well. All of the above activities pretty much set the stage for the collaboration.

Find Partners

 All of this networking and becoming entrenched in your community results in making the types of connections that build partnerships, whether long or short-term. The collaboration in so many ways becomes a valuable part of raising your profile and establishing your business in the community. Co-working communities, for the most part, are places that promote and encourage innovation through industry, so when people come together to create projects, they are essentially living out the co-working mission.

Collaborating Across Industries

 Of the many office space setups, the co-working space takes a more holistic approach to providing businesses with a place to set up shop. With a focus on community, the co-working space establishes the groundwork for both networking and collaboration. Moreover, by mastering the collaboration, your business sets the stage for greater industry.


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