Call Tracking and How Businesses Can Benefit From It

As a marketer and a business owner, you’re likely going to constantly look for ways to improve your work processes and maximize your profits. This is why it may come up as a surprise that call tracking can even be considered as something worth investing into. It’s just software that “tracks calls,” right? Interestingly, a lot of businesses do turn to call tracking and its various “tracking” assets when it comes to improving various aspects of their operations.


In fact, it’s perhaps interesting to point out that a lot of business do seem particularly interested in the potential of call tracking as a powerful asset to improve their returns. Interestingly, call tracking actually is something businesses like using because of their benefits towards sales. In fact, 92-percent of customer interactions happen over the phone, and sales representatives themselves can spend up to as much 40-percent of their time at work just looking for someone to be able to call. Moreover, each prospect can take an average of eight cold calls to reach. In general, this means getting a call and making them convert is quite a crucial and difficult part of the sales process, and knowing all factors involved in it can vastly improve customer experience – and this is something call tracking can provide.

So just what is call tracking and how do businesses benefit from it?

 Call Tracking: The Basics

When it comes to understanding how something like call tracking works to help businesses, it’s perhaps important to know exactly how it works first. If your first guess is call tracking “tracks calls,” you’re not entirely wrong. However, the process behind said functionality is a bit more elaborate than how it seems.

  • When a company implements a call tracking system like Fone Dynamics, campaign channels under the company will be assigned a unique number. This simply means instead of using one or a selection of few phone numbers per campaign channel, your campaigns such as pay-per-click ads, newspaper ads, or perhaps even social media ads, are now assigned a unique number it can exclusively use.
  • This also means that whenever a caller uses a particular number, the call tracking system automatically registers the campaign channel that it came from, alongside tracking a whole host of other things – including caller location, length of call, or even the call itself.

While the system itself feels “normal” or ordinary, its features have vast implications towards how entire companies can further optimize their work processes.

How This Benefits Companies


Call tracking and its various features can actually help companies find better ways of optimizing aspects of their work processes. In turn, companies can benefit from call tracking because:

  • You can look at operations from multiple perspectives: Call tracking can give you access to better analytics on multiple aspects of your company operations, most particularly on sales and your campaign channels. You can finally put better numbers and check just which campaign channels are getting better reception. This allows you to make reports and assessments much easier.
  • You can seamlessly integrate call tracking with other apps: Another useful feature of call tracking is its ability to be integrated with other apps you may have for analytics. This means you can add another layer of numbers to statistics recorded by apps such as Google AdWords and Google Analytics.
  • You can get a number on your sales performance: It can be remembered that 92-percent of customer interactions are done via calls, but there aren’t a lot of means to accurately track what goes on within those calls. Call tracking can finally shed light to elements that normally are challenging to determine for companies, such as specific keywords that attract audiences.
  • You can assess staff performance on calls: Thanks to features such as call recording, call tracking can also give you an idea on your staff performance. Calls take up a huge part of the sales process, and as such it’s important that you get at least a basic gist on how your sales representatives are performing in terms of customer acquisition. You can get a good grasp of the strategies they’re using and see if these need to be changed or modified.
  • You can evaluate customer satisfaction: In the same token, given call tracking can record calls, you can also evaluate how customers react to your particular sales approach. You can see if levels of customer satisfaction are high or low depending on their reception to your service or product. Moreover, you can use this to find better ways of approaching your customers in the long run.  

 The Bottomline: How Do Businesses Benefit From Call Tracking?

Call tracking can be quite a unique addition to your business, especially if you get to use it correctly. The various perks you can gain and utilize with call tracking can optimize your work processes, work on and improve your employees’ performance, evaluate your campaigns, and even maximize your returns from sales. These, as explained above, are just some of the benefits you can enjoy if you start using call tracking, and this is definitely a work tool you should consider if you’re looking for better ways to improve your workplace.









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