Business Basics: How to Choose the Best Font for Logo Design

It’s important that when you’re creating a logo for your business, you choose the best font for logo design instead of what looks cool. In this guide, we are going to share some insight on how to pick the best font for your business’ logo.

The use of color is so psychologically powerful that it can invoke immediate and involuntary emotions. If an element as simple as color can influence so much, it’s not hard to see how important font choice is.

With less than two-tenths of a second to make a positive first impression, choosing the best font for logo design is tantamount to brand success. Yet, with around 300,000 fonts floating around, this can be much more difficult than it sounds.

The key to finding the right font for a logo is to break down the elements of font. What does each classification say? What size and color send the right message?

Check out this guide to pick the perfect font for you.

Consider the Categories

With hundreds of thousands of fonts existing, it’s necessary to understand their categories to find the best font for logo design. Here are the four major ones to choose from.

  • Serif font is recognizable by the lines attached to the ends of the letters. This kind of detailing gives serif fonts a more traditional and powerful look. People often regard these fonts as reliable and dignified, yet serious.
  • Sans serif fonts are clearly defined by the name – “sans” meaning “without.” These fonts lack the extra lines used in serif fonts. This gives them a cleaner and more modern look.
  • Script fonts have a handwritten style, usually indicated by the connecting letters. These fonts are less traditional but can convey a variety of things – from elegant to casual.
  • Decorative fonts are also known as display fonts, and these are the most unconventional. Their uniqueness can be jarring but can make an impact if used in the right way.

Determine Font Details

A font is not only its typeface but also its style and size. The typeface, style, and size together make the outfit that is a font. Choosing these font details is as important as choosing clothing items for an important engagement.

  • Brainstorm some descriptive buzzwords for your brand. Is it a playful brand, or is it more reverent? Each typeface has its own personality and communicates certain traits.
  • The context for font choice is another important factor to consider. In a logo, the font needs to translate well from medium to medium. It should read well on everything from business cards to personal electronic devices.
  • The audience cannot be neglected. Does your business cater to a specific demographic? Younger ages might respond better to a modern sans serif, while older demographics lean towards traditional serifs.
  • Whatever you do, don’t forget about kerning. There is an entire section of the Internet dedicated to letter spacing disasters. This can be prevented with basic editing.

Find the Best Font for Logo Design

If you know what message you’re trying to send, choosing the best font for logo design isn’t as difficult as it seems. The psychology of branding is well documented, and following guides like these can help you use it to your advantage.

During your search, make sure to try out all the typefaces you can. You can even find free downloads, like this gotham font free download.

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