Biometric Appointments: What You Need to Know

Schedule of USCIS Biometrics Appointment

When you submit an application to get services from U.S Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) for example, citizenship, work permit, or even green card renewal. The normal protocol involved a biometric appointment that is also called biometric screening. It might look like great trouble but there are no issues during it for most of the applicants. This is your visa immigration lawyer guide. What is the complete procedure and how can you prepare? If you have any more questions regarding immigration law you can write to us and our immigration lawyers will work on resolving your queries. 

In technical terms, the word biometric indicates the recording of a person’s unique physical features and other traits to confirm identity. If we define in terms of Biometric appointment for USCIS, it simply means that the authorities will demand your passport-sized photographs, your fingerprints, and your signature on relevant documents. The process is to record your identity with USCIS for future use and to help authorities run a required criminal check. It is not similar to the interview. 

Notice of USCIS biometrics appointment

A mail will be sent to you regarding the biometrics appointment, once you have completed the step of applying. The appointment will be scheduled before you are sent a card or receive any services from USCIS. The letter will be addressed as “Appointment Notice” from the ASC. It will contain all information about the location, date and time of your appointment. The appointment lasts 15-20 minutes. 

It is recommended that the biometrics appointment be attended at the actual location of the Application Support Center. In case the location is not accessible for you then you can request to reschedule it to a location that is more convenient for you.  The permission to change the location of the ASC to attend biometrics appointments is at the discretion of USCIS. The updated timings and location will be decided by USCIS and it is recommended to make necessary preparations to attend it.  

Codes of ASC biometrics notice

When you will receive the letter of appointment you will notice that their id code is mentioned at the top right part of the letter. You must decipher that code and understand what it stands for. Each code mentioned can be decoded for the type of biometric screening you will get through on your biometric appointment. Following are some of the values of the codes mentioned:

  • Code 1 – Fingerprints for both hands only
  • Code 2 – photograph,  name signature, and press print of the index finger
  • Code 3 – photograph, name signature, press print of the index finger, and fingerprints of both hands.

Preparation for the USCIS biometrics appointment

Once you have received the notice for the USCIS biometric appointment, you must get prepared for it by collecting mentioned documents in the letter. Along with the notice that you have received (Form I-797C), you will also be required to bring photographs. Other documents that might be needed include:

  • A national identification card or passport is issued by the concerned authorities.
  • Driving License
  • A military photo identification
  •  Card issued by the state. 

At the biometrics appointment, USCIS will document your photographs, fingerprints, and name signature digitally through the electronic machines. At the time of signature, you will be required to attest that the statement of attestation is true. 

When can there be a problem in a biometrics appointment

There is nothing to be concerned about USCIS biometrics appointments for most people as criminal record checks are done by the FBI. The information is just passed through the database of the FBI to check if there is any criminal record of the applicant. 

You must contact an expert immigration lawyer in case you have any criminal background and seek guidance before the appointment. It is even better if you consult the immigration service before filling in the form of USCIS to avoid any further issues. 

The immigration lawyer can request a criminal record check before USCIS and deal with it as necessary. It will help you get ahead of any unforeseen issues and you’ll get to know the complete scenario and get you prepared for the important biometric appointment. Any issues during a biometric appointment can lead to the decline of any services from USCIS so it is better to be prepared with complete legal assistance from legal experts. 

By being in the business of immigration, our expert immigration lawyers at are well aware of how to process your application in the best way. Reach out to our experienced immigration lawyers at for immigration lawyer guide and we guarantee your application will be processed seamlessly!


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