Best Tech Toys For Kids

Whilst once upon a time kids would be the last people in the family to get their hands on cutting edge technology, the reality these days is that they usually know how to use it better than the adults. With this in mind, tech is a great option when it comes to buying gifts for kids. Whether it is an upcoming birthday or purchasing early for Xmas, here are just some of the best tech gifts which you could consider for your children. 

Animatronic Dinosaur 

Given the recent success of the new installation of the Jurassic Park franchise, dinosaurs are a very hot topic amongst kids. With this in mind, a great option which you could consider for your child’s birthday or Christmas present would be an animatronic Jurassic Park Rex dinosaur. The figures use robotics to move and they are a seriously impressive piece of technology. Buying figurines is one thing but if you really want to blow your kids away, look to give them one of these incredible animatronic pieces. 


The Rubik’s Cube has been around since the early 70s, and whilst the toy is still very popular and tough to solve, there isn’t much modern about it, until now. The HeyKube brings the traditional toy into the modern era by adding smart technology which adds a new layer of fun to the game. This tech can be used to help players understand how to crack the cube, as well as showing them16 new, pre-programed patterns which kids will have to solve. 

Kids’ Kindle 

If your kids love to read then an e-reader really does make for the perfect option when it comes to getting them a gift. Of all the products on the market there is only one winner and that is the Amazon Kindle, which really is unrivaled. The company now do a kid’s Kindle which is easy to use and something which any avid reader is going to really cherish. 

Real Jam Electric Guitar

Even child-size electric guitars can be too big for little tykes, which is exactly why the Real Jame electric guitar is the perfect option. The guitar can be connected to any bluetooth speaker and features a huge range of features which potential mini-Hendrix in your home, this is the perfect gift for them. 

Classic Games

Kids love gaming and a retro system is an affordable and exciting way for them to get into a really fun console. These are very simple boxes which feature hundreds of classic games, which are still able to to provide a great deal of fun even today. The cost of consoles has gone through the roof in recent years which is exactly why this is a great option for younger kids. If they get into console games then you can of course invest a little more in the future, but for now your kids will love these simple plug-and-play consoles. 

These are just some of our hot picks for tech toys that you can buy for your child.

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