Android V/S iOS: Which One is Better?

The market is currently dominated by Android smartphones but also has a strong competition with Apple’s iOS. Are you one of them who’s confused between selecting which one’s better? Then worry no more as we bring to you the precise comparison article between Android and iOS. Both the platforms come with certain perks and disadvantages but you can check it out yourselves and decide which one suits you better before purchasing considering the various factors like functionality, design, price and the offers on smartphones being available to you while buying the same online.

Product Listing

  • Hardware and Software
    • Android is the OS platform that is being used by numerous smartphone companies. Therefore, the hardware is in control of these companies. However, sturdy, slim and well-built hardware phones are available in the market.
    • Apple manufactures its own smartphone and therefore has full control over the software and hardware of the products. The phones are sturdy with gorilla glass which provides protection from sudden shock damages. And are available from 4.7 inch display to 6 inch display models.
    • With Android you have a lot of choice to select from multiple brands while with Apple you have to choose from 3-4 different ranges. So, the weight goes in favor of Android in this category.
  • Gaming
    • Apple has its own store like Google Play Store where user can download games (which are usually paid ones).
    • Android users can download loads of games for free but lack in quality services.
    • Apple’s tight control over its hardware and software requires the developers to increase their standards in order to meet Apple’s own. Therefore, resulting in better gaming interface, smooth flow and better experience for users.
    • While Android won’t ask for money to play games it will flux in lots of ads which is rarely the case with Apple iOS. Therefore, the winner in this section is clearly Apple iOS.
  • Music/Podcast
    • Android is famous for providing services for free. It has its dedicated music app Google Play Music which has an extensive collection of songs and podcasts. The music is free but also features ads frequently.
    • Apple is not so famous for free services and the users have to pay for almost every service they wish to enjoy. Apple has Apple Music integrated with iTunes and offers music albums, singles, and podcasts for some fee.
    • While both the apps have an extensive and sometimes exhaustive list of songs to choose from the choice unconsciously falls in the favor of free stuff.
    • So, this section’s overall comparison makes Android a winner.
  • Multitasking
    • The launch of iOS 4 brought in the limitations imposed by Apple on the multitasking features. Apple iOS does not allow you to play along with the icons, widgets and works with a monotonous UI.
    • Android, on the other hand, has come a long way as it has continuously added beautiful features like split screen multitasking, personalization of icons and widgets, separate home screen and second space (in MI phones).
    • Android supports multitasking much better than Apple and allows the user to jump across apps smoothly. And with every update the features keep getting better.
    • Therefore, with Apple stuck on its single UI model, the winner of this section becomes Android.
  • Camera
    • Apple stood on the top-of-the-list with its image capturing quality but the latest Android smartphones like Google’s Pixel 2 have created an atmosphere of doubt.
    • But this is true only with high budget Android smartphones. The mid-range smartphones don’t offer the quality that could withstand iPhone’s camera.
    • Apple’s iPhone 8 and X are offering camera that can do magic with the kind of photographs it can click. The portrait mode has got much better and users can achieve much shallower depth of field which comes close to a DSLR picture.
    • The overall image resolution, color temperature, portrait mode and micro photography done with an Apple iPhone stands out much better than any other Android smartphone.
    • The comparison weighs in the favor of Apple iPhone so this one go to iOS.
  • Navigation
  • Both Android and iOS have top-of-the-line GPS systems integrated in their hardware. The GPS systems in both are precise and accurate with additional features like traffic notifications, satellite images, etc.
  • Android supports Google Maps and Apple has their own Apple Maps but also supports third party navigation apps like Google maps.
  • The experience on both the devices is fairly equal as long as you have a good internet connection.
  • So, from the comparison above, there’s no winner in this section as both of them have survived equally.


  • Price& Offers
  • Android have always been cheaper than IOS, in every manner. If we talk about “Apps” in google play store and in ios then you will notice that most of the apps are for free in play store, one can download any app from the same and on the other hand, apps in ios are chargeable. One needs to purchase all the apps for using it.
  • Android phones are starting with the range of Rs.3000/-, whereas IOS are always expensive but one can buy apple 5s which is around Rs. 25,000.
  • Androids are always the phone of all people and IOS are purchased mostly by business personalities. If price is the matter of discussion then clearly android is best but if price is not a constraint in this head then you can move towards apple phones.
  • There is a discount of around 10% on Androids on paying through debit/credit cards; if you shop online from stores like Amazon, Flipkart while you can avail upto Rs.5000/- cashback on buying the same on Paytm.
  • So, from the above points we cannot clearly state winner out of these two, both have equal points


So, Which One to Buy?

The answer to this question is not specific as in which one to buy. Because it completely depends on your budget. If you have a higher budget you can, without any doubt, choose an Apple iPhone. But, if you wish to purchase a mid-range smartphone which suits your pocket then it would be wise to choose an Android smartphone which also has high-end configuration. So, decide and buy a perfect smartphone.


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