Adhering to the Modern Standards: 5 Crucial Features Every Presentation Software Should Include

Giving a presentation can be stressful even if the presentation itself is already created and just handed to you. It’s the delivery, in front of a crowd, which makes it tough. With up to 75% of people being afraid of public speaking, it’s easy to see why presentations are seen as difficult – it’s basically public speaking with the help of slides.

What you definitely don’t need is a hassle with creating the presentation itself too. The best way to avoid this is to use a good piece of presentation software. Personally, I use Beautiful.AI and have found it to be great in a number of ways. Whatever program you use or decide to try out, there are some crucial features you should check for before committing. Let’s break them down for you now.

1.Layout Help & Suggestions

The first thing you want from any presentation software is to help with creating a good layout. This can come in the form of templates or a setup wizard amongst others. Once you have a base level to start with, tweaks can either be made automatically or by following AI recommendations. Doing this makes sure your presentation follows a successful visual template. The software will usually allow you to override these settings if you prefer. For most users, they serve as a great way to avoid design disasters.

2.Easily Adaptable

A program is only useful to you if you can actually use it without needing to refer to a user guide every ten seconds. Presentation software is no different – you should be able to pretty much dive into it once installed and get to grips with it on the fly. Of course, you’ll want to give the guide a proper look to understand the nuances and advanced features, but most of the experience should have a natural feel to it.

3.Quick Turnaround Time

Clunky software is no good to anyone, it wastes time and creates frustration – and frustrated people don’t produce great work. Part of being user-friendly is that the software should have a good flow to it which allows you to create or edit presentations quickly and effectively. Changes should be simplified and quick to apply, while creation should be quick and easy. Making the process fast like this allows you to be much more productive as well, so it’s a bonus which carries over to more than just the presentation.

4.Free Trial Usage

Any product which has self-belief and wants to create trust with users should offer some kind of free trial. This can either be a number of uses, a time-limited model or a free version with limited features. It doesn’t matter which model gets used, just that you’re able to try the software for free. It can even be a good idea to try a few different versions of software before making your choice.

5.Cross-Program Integration

It’s not unusual to want images or videos from another program to use in your presentation. It also isn’t strange to need slides from your presentation to be exported elsewhere in a different file format. Any good software for presentation creation should be able to do all of this and more by being able to integrate with multiple file types or even mainstream programs.

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