8 unique gifts for marketing people

People who are involved in marketing are usually very dynamic and active all day long. They need to make the most of each hour of the day and simplify their lives as much as possible.

The world is very hectic now and having the chance to make things more convenient and simple is always going to be welcome. This is the reason so many marketers benefit from using certain items for their jobs. Some of them don’t relate to marketing, but they do relate to productivity.  For competitive marketing types, appealing to either creativity or productivity is always a winning strategy.

Today, we give you eight unique gift ideas for marketing people.

1- Modern water bottle

True, this might sound like a gift you would give to someone who is into fitness, but a marketers are very active people.  Being hydrated all day is essential to their alertness and ability to keep moving at lightning pace. This is an excellent gift for any busy marketer because it keeps cold beverages cool and hot beverages warm for a very long time. So your favorite marketer can either keep the buzz going with a warm or cold caffeinated beverage or simply water.  This version is a stainless steel and fully insulated water bottle from Kool8.  It works like a dream. The company is based out of Chicago and has already been included in Cool Things Chicago Magazine’s best water bottles roundup.

2-A Grammar coffee mug

Nothing says marketing more than content marketing.  A good marketer is always at the top of their game with grammar and general writing skills. Why not reward that with a fun mug that shows their passion for the right words in the right place?

The “I’m silently correcting your grammar” coffee mug is a great one that will surely put a smile on any marketer’s face while drinking the morning coffee.

3-The Laptop Book Cover case

Some marketers prefer something practical to protect their laptops. This laptop book cover case is perfect for any marketer who wants a compact and practical way to keep their laptop protected. You will find that this is actually an excellent gift to give to anyone who uses a laptop every day.

4-A star map

Let your favorite marketer know you think he or she is heaven-sent by giving a star map that shows the way the stars looked the day they were born, or perhaps the day they landed that big job or lucrative contract. You pick the date and the people at Twinkle time will make it happen. This definitely a unique and special gift.

5-The Art Of War

This book continues to be one of the most amazing and useful books for  anyone in a competitive career.  It’s not just for warriors.  If you know a marketer who has never read this book, you will be doing them an amazing favor by giving them the gift of ancient war knowledge that can be applied to everything we do in modern life.

There is probably no other book that has so many useful tactics that apply to marketing. An amazing book that has stood the test of time since the 5th century BC.

6-Salt, sugar Fat

This book is fascinating because it gives marketers a chance to study the unethical practices that have been used by companies to get people hooked on certain products. It’s always essential for mistakes of the past to be understood so they can be avoided in the future. This is also an excellent read that any marketer should have in their library.

7-A custom t-shirt

Marketers are masters of the process of selling, so giving them a t-shirt with their business name on it is a perfect way to give them something that is quite meaningful. This is one of those items that is very easy to customize for the person if you want to use something other than a business name. Custom T-shirts are always an excellent gift to give to anyone.

8-A slick business card holder

There are many reasons why business cards continue to be an extremely important item. Marketers constantly meet people face-to-face and they invariably take this as a great opportunity to hand out their business cards. This stainless steel business card holder is the ultimate gift you can give to any active marketer to protect their precious identity cards in a classy way. .

Final thoughts

Of one thing you can be sure: marketers will always find these gifts to be useful and practical. Regardless of which gift you choose, you be giving a great gift because each has a useful value for everyday activities.

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