7 Signs You Need an Attorney

Have you run into a legal situation in your business that may warrant an attorney? If you see any of this signs, you may need an attorney to help out.

Around 40 million lawsuits are filed every year. While many of these are frivolous and can be resolved quickly, they still cost a lot of money. Learn the signs for when you need an attorney so you’re not blindsided.

An attorney can help reduce the amount of damages and legal fees you have to pay by trying to stop the lawsuit before it gets to court.

Here are 7 signs that you need an attorney for your business.

1. You are Negotiating a New Contract

One of the most important skills that an attorney has is that they are able to read through a lot of legal jargon and understand the implications of the words.

While we often look at a contract and skip to the bottom, an attorney will read through each and every step to make sure there are no hidden clauses that could negatively impact your business.

Not only will this save money in the long run, but it will also help you to feel more comfortable partnering with new business in the future. This in and of itself could provide massive growth.

An attorney will also help you negotiate the price down in certain contracts as well. The money you save on the contract might even override the cost of hiring an attorney.

However, you don’t have to rely on the attorney to be the only negotiator in the room.

2. Environmental Issues Arise

Another sign that you need an attorney is if new environmental issues arise. There are hundreds of laws and regulations when it comes to our environment.

Many of which holster high penalty costs.

If you are running a new project and believe that there might be a new change in production or on the environment, it’s important to consult with your attorneys.

They’ll know whether or not you need to make reparations, file a new legal claim or more. Don’t wait till the penalty kicks in to talk with your lawyer, or you could be facing some serious drawbacks.

3. You Are Selling or Buying a New Business

Lawyers are also incredibly helpful when it comes to making new business decisions such as buying or selling another company.

As mentioned above, they understand how to read and write contracts. Not only that but they can look at deals much more objectively than you can. This allows them to give crucial and much-needed advice on what you should do.

While you can’t rely on your attorney to tell you everything you should do, you can be confident that they are giving you objective and informed advice.

Make sure that you get the most money possible by hiring an attorney to handle new contracts and negotiations.

4. Government Files a Complaint

As mentioned above, the government has hundreds of environmental legislation. Even worse, they have thousands of business regulations. One step out of line and these restrictions could spell trouble for your business.

If the government has recently filed a complaint against your business you’ll want to talk with an attorney to makes sure all the issues get resolved as quickly as possible.

Sometimes these problems can be solved as easily as getting a new warrant.

Your business attorney will understand all of the local, state, and federal laws that could have an effect on your business. They’ll help you navigate through the confusing language and legislation to make sure that your business is okay.

5. An Employee Issue Arises

Another problem that employers often have to deal with are employee disputes. These can range from anything as silly as someone stealing someone else’s lunch to accusations of sexual assault or racism. If you are starting to hire employees, you need to familiarize yourself with their rights, and to help you understand the duties and responsibilities of an employer, you must find the best employment lawyer in town.

For the more serious accusations, you’ll want to make sure that you have an attorney to help you take control of the delicate matters.

Not only can serious allegations result in large fines for you, but it can also distort your brand’s image, which can be dangerous for the future.

A lawyer will help you manage these situations delicately so that you can have a safe work environment.

6. You’re Building a Business Framework

If you are first starting a business or trying to revamp your old one, an attorney is a great resource you can turn to. Most corporate attorneys have worked with dozens if not hundreds of businesses.

They know what it takes for these businesses to succeed, and can help you get the legal framework set up well, right from the beginning. This is a preventative step that will help you avoid legal headaches in the future.

Some things these attorneys are trained to do include, setting up workplace policies, drafting employer contracts, writing employee handbooks, and more.

You’ll definitely want their expertise to help your business to succeed.

7. You Lost a Lot of Money Fast

A good lawyer can help you save money in tight situations, a great one can help you win back money after a heavy loss.

If you recently lost a lot of money from a bad deal or an investment, you should talk with a lawyer. Attorneys can look into contracts or deals and see if there were clauses that were unlawful.

If you lost a lot of money in another business, find a stock market attorney. They can often tell if the business you invested in was fraudulent and help you get your money back.

What to Do If You Need an Attorney

These are just a few signs that you might need an attorney. In most cases, lawyers will offer free consultations to win over your business.

This is the perfect time to ask all of your legal questions and find out if you need an attorney or not. It’s much better to be prepared than to find yourself searching for a good lawyer in the midst of a lawsuit.

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