6 Reasons to utilize Archviz

Archviz or architectural visualization is a concept that allows architects to use 3D rendering tools to get a visual representation of the structure long before the construction starts. This will enable them to spot flaws in design early on and make upgrades without having to redirect resources, postpone the deadline or do anything similar. Overall, there’s an abundance of reasons why using this type of architectural visualization is such a fantastic idea. Here are the top six reasons that you might want to focus on.

1.      Securing investments

The first thing worth mentioning is that in order for a plan to turn into a building, someone needs to finance the project. It’s far easier to do fundraising when you have something concrete to show to your investors/financiers. With the help of Archviz tools, this becomes a relatively easy task. This is basic human nature, and people are far more likely to trust in the project than they can see. Keep in mind that the earlier you secure the finances, the earlier the project can start. This is important in construction, seeing as how it is seasonal work, and it greatly depends on the dry season and the season of rains for its schedule.

2.      Reducing construction cost

It is incredibly expensive to change something once it’s already built. In order to do so, you’ll usually have to demolish, cut or alter, all of which damage materials, take work hours and require an effort from the construction team. By using visualization, you get to see potential issues and change them in the planning stage. While this requires an architect to invest some personal effort, it doesn’t really require resource or material losses of any kind. With the adequate use of Archviz, it’s quite easy to avoid these unnecessary costs, making the project more cost-effective as a whole.

3.      Improvements in marketing

Having quality 3D renders and 360 images of the place is one of the best-selling tools that any construction company, contractor or architect could hope for. The goal of marketing is to be immersive, and it doesn’t get any better than this. By using Archviz, you can uniform the images of your previous projects. Sure, a photo of a finished construction is a great idea, but it can be a bit misleading. After all, as an architect, you’re selling an idea, a plan that is to become a construction (not a construction itself). With the help of Archviz, you will be able to show your clients exactly what you do and exactly what they’re getting.

4.      Easy transfer of ideas

What if you expect the client to have some ideas of their own? What if the project is massive and you want input from another architect? How about a situation where you just want to show your work to someone close to you early in the process? Archviz, as a concept, makes this transfer of ideas incredibly easy. Keep in mind that just by describing something, you’re relying on two things – your own eloquence and your ability to visualize your words. In other words, while possible, this method is quite unreliable. Through Archviz, you will never have to rely on it again.

5.      Reliable schedules

Previously, we’ve talked about the importance of noticing mistakes and potential problems early on. Well, this can ensure that the project (once started) remains on a strict schedule. Your initial ideas on how long it will take to construct which element could be completely off the charts. This is why it’s important that you make a new schedule, one that you know you can complete. Archviz should help you out immensely in this regard. Visualization can do wonders for your schedule-making ability.

6.      It is the future

Remember that regardless of your current needs and predispositions, Archviz is definitely the future. This means that soon, there won’t be any talk about architecture without Archviz. The sooner you embrace it, the bigger the competitive edge you will create. You also increase the resilience of your architectural business/practice and ensure that you won’t be technically surpassed anytime soon. Keep in mind that picking the right tool for the task is far from easy. Still, innovation often relies on your ability to discern between several seemingly similar options.

In conclusion

Utilizing Archviz can completely change your approach to architecture and help you do your job at much greater efficiency. For some, the idea of adding a whole new visual feature to the architecture is appealing on its own. The thing is that as an architect, you’re not just allowed to project buildings. You also need to “sell” your designs, raise funds and manage all sorts of timetables that you may not feel comfortable with. By using Archviz, you can make all of these extra tasks a bit less tedious than they have to be.

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