6 Exciting Website Design Trends for 2018

Website design is continually evolving. The websites of ten years ago look nothing like the websites we see today. Static pages have morphed into animated delights with floating banners and embedded video content. We now expect more from website designers and low-quality sites no longer make the grade. After all, if businesses don’t prioritize UX, customers will soon move on. So, what exciting website trends can we expect to see in 2018? Let’s find out.

1. Mobile Website Design

Mobile browsing has overtaken desktop internet and designers have been quick to adapt. Clever designers use simple icons and intuitive navigation to boost user UX. Images need to be smaller to cope with the smaller resolution of a smartphone screen, but mobile browsing is here to stay, and the only way is up.

2. AI

Artificial Intelligence or AI is taking over our lives – quite literally in some cases! Amazon’s Alexa controls our homes and Siri offers a helping hand when we are out and about. Website designers are learning to adapt to AI by adding chatbots to e-commerce websites. Chatbots don’t need time off, they won’t complain about being paid a minimum wage, and they can easily deal with routine inquiries. What’s not to like about AI?

3. Bold Color Schemes

Brands are becoming more adventurous in their use of color. In the past, many companies played it safe, sticking to monochrome color schemes or plain shades of red, blue, green, and yellow. As devices become ever more sophisticated and high-definition screens the norm, website designers can afford to dial it up a notch or two. In 2018, we can look forward to super-saturated colors in psychedelic hues. Bold blues against a deep red background or vibrant cerise with hints of green and yellow.

If your color scheme clashes, who cares? You want people to remember your site, so the bolder, the better.

4. Illustrations

There was a time when cookie-cutter websites all looked similar, if not identical. The use of illustrations is helping designers ensure their sites stand out from the crowd and we can expect to see a lot more website illustrations in 2018. From whimsical drawings to humorous cartoons, illustrations bring dry content to life.

Use illustrations to explain a difficult concept or reinforce your brand image. If your website is lacking personality, a few carefully crafted illustrations will give it the edge.

5. Asymmetry

Say goodbye to grid layouts and hello to asymmetry. Broken layouts and asymmetry first came to the fore in 2017. Many big brand websites are firmly rooted in a classic grid design, but designers have discovered that playing around with the grid format can transform a boring website into something unique and memorable. Expect all kinds of risky, trend-setting layouts in 2018.

6. Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are proving popular on social media, so you will see more of them in website design this year. This type of graphic is a great way to leave a lasting impression.

Other website trends to watch out for this year include bold and inventive typography, data storytelling, and animation.

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