6 Content Writing Tools – How to Write Better Website Content

When it comes to writing for the web, quality content is king even when you want to pay for research paper. It doesn’t matter how you look at it, but with readers increasingly becoming sceptical, every writer out there must emphasize in-depth research, perfect grammar, proofreading, editing and use of relevant links as the means to winning audiences. You don’t want to start a website on a high note only for it to lose visibility online because one or more of the above is not taken into consideration.

Come to think about it. Who will want to associate with a writer who doesn’t know how to refer them to links that add jest to stories? Well, you would have guessed right. Online content writing continues to amass rules of engagement. And as Google changes tact in use of Keywords for Search Engine Optimization, it is also imperative that every blogger and online publisher keeps abreast with the latest developments.

Thus, a question you need to ask at this point is whether you are using the best tools or not.  This post samples six of such you will find indispensable to your writing needs, so keep reading to find out.

Why you need content creation tools

Hardly will you find any author, journalist or blogger who does not use content writing tools these days. It is the age of digital revolution, and anything that is bound to make a write-up outstanding is worth giving a try.  That is not all.

You also need to invest in the best tools given their efficiency and effectiveness. You will not, for example, rid a piece of all spelling mistakes even if you read it a thousand times.  It is why, writing scholars advice having someone to read your copy aloud before it goes live. Productivity tools for writers also help save time, especially at the proofreading and editing stage. And, if you have a lot of copy writing tasks at ask, using a Google Calendar will not be enough to come up with a proper schedule. You need a good planner for writers to make it count every time you put pen to paper.

Tools for to better your web content writing

Let’s take a look at some of the best you should always have as tools for writing great and quality articles for your website/blog.

1.     Calmly writer

Focus is very important in the writing enterprise. You don’t want to make mistakes because of endless distractions, which is why you need a productivity tool for content writing. Calmly writer, therefore, fits the bill.  Apart from auto-saving your articles, it also does the following:

  • Saves content in local and Google drive.
  • Black mode feature helps save you from eye strain.
  • Focus mode highlights a paragraph under editing to avert confusion.

2.     Grammarbase

I have always used Grammarbase for many reasons. It is a great content writing tool that will transform your creative prowess into something admirable because of the following reasons:

  • Checks articles for grammar mistakes.
  • Rids a copy of contextual writing mistakes.
  • Suggests improvements to a write-up.
  • Premium copy comes with manual proofreading whereby you can hire a professional to go through your content.

Some of the best alternatives to Grammarbase are Hemmingway and Grammarly.

3.     Hubspot blog idea generator

Hubspot is not only a household name in training writers on how to craft winning web copies and do effective inbound content marketing but also provides bloggers with some of the best writing tools. Blog ideas generator is one of the best because it helps you do the following:

  • Find relevant and useful ideas worth writing on for your website.
  • A generator for fresh topic ideas.

4.     OneTab

Research is part of quality content creation processes. However, switching between tens of tabs putting together important information is often tiresome. It is why OneTab is all you need to conveniently do research. It does the following:

  • Converts tabs to a list so everything is accessible on a single page with a click.
  • Helps you avoid clutter.
  • Saves storage space in your computer while also boosting its speed by up to 99%.
  • Makes it easy to share tabs.

5.     ProWritingAid

Everyone gets tired of writing mistakes. However, with ProWritingAid, all that will become history. It helps you do the following:

  • Perfect your grammar.
  • Enhances readability of copies.
  • Choose the right words.
  • Chooses a befitting writing style for your content.

6.     TextEpander

TextEpander is another great tool for writers who want to craft quality blogs. With it, you can do the following:

  • Inset snippets such as images and email address into a copy.
  • Checks typos.
  • A smart way to type.
  • Makes it easy to share descriptions and signatures with a team.

The Bottom Line

Whether you are looking for a dissertation service or a tool that will help ease your writing effort, there are hundreds of them on the web and App stores.  You only need to compare and contrast as many as you can before settling on the best. Your writing will never be the same again with the best tools because great content is king.

Summary:  In this post, get to know everything about quality content creation. It takes you on a journey that will unravel top writing tools in the market. The best is that which will make your copies standout on the web.








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