5 Things Every Student With An iPhone X Needs ASAP

Arriving on campus with an iPhone X in your back pocket can make you feel like a collegiate VIP. In terms of performance, it’s an apex predator that overtakes every rival, but this is no excuse to get lazy. Just because it’s the best doesn’t mean it can’t get better. To secure your handset place at the top of the digital food chain, here are five things that can elevate your iPhone game from great to amazing.

  1. A wireless hub


The iPhone X is the first Apple phone to come with wireless charging abilities. It’s a convenient feature that lets you cut the cord and live without fear of tripping over plugs. You can make it even easier for yourself by getting a NOMAD wireless multi-port hub. Its wireless charging is compatible with the iPhone X and has enough juice to power up to five different devices at a time. The NOMAD’s subtle design will fit in effortlessly into your dorm, no matter how clean or messy it is.

  1. Black camo skins


Apple’s signature design is built into every curve of the phone, showing off a simplistic yet sophisticated shape. Though sleek, it’s not exactly unique. Barring generational differences, it’s the same design shared by every iPhone model since day one. If you want to stand out on campus, you’ll need to apply a black camo iPhone X skin to your handset ASAP. A skin is another term for a decal, which wraps around your phone to show off a customized design. Companies like dbrand create their black camo skins using 3M vinyl, so they can create a design that form a grime-free and scratch-proof layer around your phone. That means you can say goodbye to polishing gross fingerprints out of its glass body. Are you not rugged enough to sport black camo? That’s okay. You can find cool iPhone X skins at dbrand that appeal to every style, including marble, zebra wood, concrete, and carbon fiber iPhone skins.

  1. Screen protector


When it first debuted, the iPhone X went through rigorous testing. Since Apple called it the best phone possible, it was put through the ringer by eager tech critics all over the world. While it performed well in most performance tests, it lagged behind in one particular arena: the dreaded drop test. It failed CNET’s drop test on the very first drop despite sporting one of the strongest and most expensive glass screens. With such a delicate display, you need to do everything within your power to protect it. In addition to handling it with care, you can add the Anker GlassGuard Tempered Glass Screen Protector to your X. It comes with curved DoubleDefence tech that’s easy to install, so it can protect your screen without interfering with Face ID.

  1. Long-lasting earbuds


The iPhone X belongs to an exclusive club of handsets that don’t have a headphone jack. That means it relies on wireless headphones to deliver you campus playlist to your ears. AirPods are Apple’s attempt at the wireless in-ear headphone. While they’re perfectly serviceable, they aren’t the greatest option for your X. The Jabra Elite 65t is one of the best wireless headphone sets rivalling Apple’s AirPods. They deliver clear, balanced audio, but more importantly, they last more than one day! Once you compare its 25-hour battery life to the AirPod’s 5-hour battery, you know you’ll have to make the switch.

  1. A grip stand


The iPhone X isn’t considered a phablet, but it can still be a tricky phone to handle. For those with small hands or hand impairments, any phone can be a challenge to hold without some help — and the X is no different. Though naturally a slippery phone, you can add some considerable traction with a PopSocket grip. These grips attach to the back of your X to give you something to hold onto. It also doubles as a stand when you want to take a break and watch YouTube.

With a huge collection of color options, PopSockets are a customizable accessory. You can find a socket that matches your iPhone skin perfectly. Together, they make the perfect pair of accessories that fight to keep your handset where it belongs — in your hand!

Remember that thes

When you already have one of the best smartphones available today, you don’t need much to improve your handset. What you need are small accessories and supportive tech to help advance the iPhone X’s game, so you’re guaranteed the best X experience possible this semester. Outfit your X toolkit with any of these accessories to see how your iPhone can go from best to better.

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