4 Cool Ways to Integrate AV into your Exhibition Stand

Exhibiting at trade shows is one of the easiest ways to grow your business, raise brand awareness and generate hot leads. There are hundreds of industry-specific events for the tech industry. Global brands like Samsung have used these in the past to launch new products and reveal their creativity and innovation. You could be a part of it.

But in the tech industry, it’s no use turning up with a boring exhibition stand. You have to stand out and do something spectacular to drive people onto your stand. That’s why integrating audiovisual (AV) features is crucial when it comes to exhibiting.

What’s stopping you? Oh, you’re worried about your budget. Yes, it’s true that these AV features can cost a substantial amount of money. Especially when you compare the cost of a fully-integrated exhibition stand with AV features and product showcases to a pop-up display option. But you don’t have to think like that. There are hundreds of suppliers that offer exhibition stand rental, including the AV features we’re about to discuss. Don’t hesitate to book your floor space and hire an awesome exhibition stand for your next trade show.

These four features will draw in crowds and get your brand noticed.

1.  Interactive Screens

Starting with an oldie but goldie, interactive screens really do work. Trade show visitors love these because they can find out what they want to know about a product without being lured into a long-winded sales pitch with a pushy salesman. Once they’re interacting with the screen you have a chance to engage and help answer their questions. Everyone wins.

2.  Virtual Reality

Do you want a queue of people waiting to get onto your exhibition stand? You need to integrate an element of virtual reality (VR). Because this technology is so new, hundreds of people are yet to try it. By including a VR game on your stand (even if it has absolutely nothing to do with your brand) you’ll have a whole bunch of people queuing to take their turn. You can hire these games as well – no need to panic about your budget.

3.  LED Walls

Screens are overdone. Next time you attend an exhibition just look around at how many of the trade show booths are using the same boring screens with the same promotional video or PowerPoint presentation on autoplay. You can do better. LED walls are the latest trend in exhibition design, and we can’t see them going away anytime soon. Rather than a screen, display your brand on a full-size and fully-integrated LED wall for maximum exposure and the chance to be seen by even more prolific industry decision-makers.

4.  Trigger Tech

Last but not least, trigger technology. Trigger technology is great for engaging passers-by and getting them to notice your exhibition stand. You can use it to detect motion or direct eye contact and play a promotional video as a response. As you can imagine, trade show visitors react by paying attention – which is all you really need to generate hot leads and close deals! It really is the future of exhibiting.

Integrating these four AV features into your exhibition stand are sure to get you noticed. And with a rental exhibition stand, you don’t need to worry about the huge costs involved. What are you waiting for?

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