4 Best Investment Apps for 2019

Knowing how to best manage your money isn’t the easiest thing to do as you’ll need to track your expenses and keep up with your budget. But, investing your money is even harder if you’re not using the right tools.

The best financial apps provide different features that can greatly improve your trading performance. They will help you invest your money wisely with better timing. Whether you want to start investing, or you’ve been doing it for years now, we’ve found a selection of investment apps to utilize this year:


 This app doesn’t necessarily fall under the investment app category, but to trade successfully, your finances are going to have to be in order. The Mint app advises you on how you should spend (save or invest) any money that you’ve made from trading the markets.

Always remember that you should only trade with the money that you can afford to lose. It’s therefore important that you start your trading journey by making sure you have enough funds to invest in the markets. Use Mint to create a budget you respect and visualise where your money goes.

Tradays Economic Calendar by MetaQuotes

Developers from the MetaTrader platform have developed a great app that can help you monitor macroeconomic events. This app goes by the name, Tradays Economic Calendar.

With this app, you will be made aware of any financial news and other economic indicators related to nine of the largest global economies: European Union, UK, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, USA, and Canada. With such a comprehensive calendar, you’ll be prepared when an important statistic is released and ultimately profit from potential price movements that it might trigger.

Bloomberg Markets

 Get the latest market and business news with one of the leading and most trusted sources: Bloomberg. Following the news while trading can give you a great advantage as you will be aware of what’s going on in the world, especially in the markets you’re trading.

The impact that news can have on your trading strategy and performance can be powerful. It’s therefore important to thoroughly understand what is happening.

Almahfaza trading platform

Don’t want an overly complicated trading platform on your phone? Looking for something more professional and advanced? Almahfaza offers the best overall trading app experience. Find real-time rates, advanced charts options, financial market and economic news, as well as fast execution all within a reliable and robust app.

Trading on the go with Almahfaza is very secure, simple and easy – you’ll also get the perk of premium services.

Investment apps are becoming increasingly popular among investors who are getting involved in the financial markets – especially new investors. Well-designed mobile apps like the one by Almahfaza are usually much faster than mobile websites and they can be used to trade on the go with fast execution.

It’s also easier to receive notifications about what’s going in the world with real-time messages for financial and economic events. With these timely updates, traders can adjust their trading parameters accordingly. The apps mentioned in our post are all available on both iOS and Android – take your trading to the next level, no matter what smartphone you’re using!


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