3 Ways to Leverage the Power of Sentimental Analysis in Regards to Your employees by Gaurav Bhattacharya

As the CEO of a startup, I always wanted to create a team of experts who are committed to my startups’ goals. However, like most businesses, I had to deal with employee engagement issues. 


In spite of a lot of efforts, employee engagement results were not fruitful. Perhaps, the engagement processes and tools I used didn’t provide me with the right picture of what was going inside the mind of my employees.


Fortunately, I came to know about “Sentiment Analysis”. This great technique helped me evaluate the emotional tone of my employees and ultimately improve employee engagement. Indeed, it is conducted to understand the attitudes, emotions, and opinions of a person.


Sentiment analysis is quite useful in measuring employees’ feeling with the help of mood tracking, monitoring social media updates, and inspecting different communication channels, etc. This technique enables you to get insights into what your employees feel about you and your business.  You can take the help of websites like Glassdoor, Great Place to Work, Indeed, Careerbliss and more to know what your staff think about your business.


In this post, I am going to reveal how do I took advantage of sentiment analysis. However, before that, let’s have a look at how to conduct sentiment analysis.


How Can You Carry Out Sentiment Analysis


Undoubtedly, it is a tiresome job to perform sentiment analysis. However, the advantages of an in-depth look at reviews can help you understand what your employees feel about your business.


Take maximum reviews so that you have adequate data to mine the opinions of your staff. It would be better if you can source the reviews and comments from multiple review websites. Export all the comments in a spreadsheet and assess each review. Separate all positive, negative, and neutral reviews. Now, calculate the positive, negative, and neutral rating you received and determine what steps you can take to keep your employees motivated.


Advantages of Sentiment Analysis for Employee Engagement


1. It Strengthens Employee Engagement


It is normal for employees to share views about the work ethics of the company where they work either through forums or social media. After all, most employees do not prefer to approach management for their concerns directly. 


Nevertheless, sentiment analysis helps you evaluate your employees’ concerns. With the help of real reviews and their in-depth analysis, you can identify problems early on before they become uncontrollable. Based on real-time analysis, you can incorporate better management practices and improve the work environment in your workplace.


2. Boosts Transparency 


According to Forbes, transparency encourages employee happiness to a large extent. Therefore, you can’t simply overlook it. Apart from this, transparency is an essential requirement for bringing integrity and increasing trustworthiness amongst employees. 


Fortunately, with the help of Sentiment Analysis, you can better understand the opinions of your employees regarding the policies of your organization. Based on these opinions, you can take remedial actions if you find employees are not happy with the policies. Remember, when employees realize their issues are being taken care of, it results in more open communication and transparency.


3. You Get Correct Picture About the Employee Opinions


Sentiment Analysis gives you a fair idea about the opinions of your employees. You can evaluate whether those points of view based on false perceptions. If you find inaccurate opinions are harming your business reputation, you can take corrective measures to rectify the wrong impression in the minds of your employees.   


Final Thoughts


Sentiment analysis is a great way to ensure that your employees are engaged. Don’t forget, organizations that have disconnected employees working for them do not last for long. So, put sentiment analysis into practice to engage your employees and ensure their satisfaction.   


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