3 Tech Solutions You Need to Organize an Efficient Remote Workplace

Having a remote workplace has grown in popularity, especially since the pandemic. A few years ago, only a few employees would work remotely – and that’s if they’re lucky – now, you will find many businesses offering it as a part-time option or to work remotely full time. The offering of a remote workplace isn’t only being used by small businesses as well, a lot of larger companies like banks or agencies are offering it to entice people to work for them. 

It’s not surprising that remote work has become so popular when you look into the benefits it offers. For a lot of companies, it has reduced their staff turnover, remote working has also increased their productivity and allowed employees a reduced commute time – especially those who have to travel long distances to come in. Other benefits of remote working include a reduction in office space – reduced monthly costs – increased motivation and reduced sick leave. The benefits can go on. 

So what tech solution should you consider when implementing a remote workplace for your business? From using Azure virtual desktop, communication software like Slack or task setting systems like Monday, below we look at tech solutions you need to organise an efficient remote workplace. 

Use communication software 

If you are going to have staff members working remotely, it’s important that you are in regular communication with them. This is important for productivity but also to help make them feel part of the team and less alone when working from home. When doing your research on communication software, there is a whole plethora out there. The main things to look for are that you can live video call on them, communicate through live chat and that it’s secure. Most systems will offer these services, so when narrowing them down, check out the user reviews to see what the people using the system think of the software. 

Task setting software is a must 

Alongside communication software, task setting software is a must. As you will not be in as regular communication with them, as you would in the office, it’s important they know what they are doing and that you know what tasks are due and done. By using software like Monday.com, you can set their tasks on a daily basis and they can write updates on the task to let you know how it’s going. If they have any questions they can then use your communication software for you to have a meeting and discuss. Once the meeting is done, you can update the tasks accordingly. 

Collaboration tools 

What collaboration tools will you be using with your remote workplace? Depending on your business, there is a whole range of tools you could use that may be useful. For your copywriters, Google Docs or Office 365 will be very useful. Designers may need to use Photoshop or Figma whilst your accountants will have specific software that they will need to use. By having the right tools in place, you will help organise and make an efficient remote workplace. 

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