3 Reasons Why Small Businesses Can Benefit From Global Translation services

Using translation services to expand internationally… 

Most small or new businesses may assume that trading overseas is simply off-limits for them, but this is not the case.

Translation services provide a bridge for smaller businesses to break into new international markets effectively. They can help businesses to understand and devise international marketing campaigns, build a global brand reputation, provide effective customer service to foreign clients and much more.

Whilst global translation services are not free to use, it is cost-effective to benefit from a professional translation agency as and when you need it, rather than employing a new member of staff to manage your global trade.

Let’s take a look at the three main reasons why businesses big and small can successfully expand overseas with the help of translation services…

  1. International marketing and reputation 

The first and perhaps foremost reason why professional translation can take a small business to the next level is with international marketing campaigns. If a business is attempting to break into a new market, it needs a strategy that is completely unique, effective and that stands out from the crowd. Whilst your marketing campaign may not involve a whole lot of content writing, having a professional translator as a helping hand is essential. Even huge corporations make some seriously big (and amusing) language faux pas with their global marketing campaigns. Take KFC, for example, when expanding into the Beijing market, their marketing campaign with the famous line ‘finger lickin’ good’ was incorrectly translated to ‘eat your fingers off’… Not quite the vibe they were going for.

A professional will have skills and experience with the linguistic, social and cultural factors involved in accurate translation, so you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong message across. Especially if you are a smaller business who is still establishing a brand image, you don’t want to be remembered for the wrong reasons!

Your international marketing strategies will be more recognised by your new market if it is clear that you have taken the time to understand what suits their needs, language included. Using global translation services means that you can rest easy knowing your marketing campaigns will not be badly received.

Intrawelt are a professional translation and interpretation agency with a huge range of linguists to suit a number of different sectors. All their linguists are native speakers in their target language and each client’s needs are individually assessed to ensure that the best service is provided. If you are a small business considering breaking into an overseas market, they can assist you in ensuring that all aspects of expansion run smoothly and there are no misunderstandings or misrepresentations of your brand.

2. Effective customer service 

As well as global translation services giving your international marketing a good leg to stand on and helping to minimise risk, they can enable you to provide a consistently excellent level of customer service. It is just as important to form strong working relationships with clients in international markets as it is with domestic.

Translation professionals can provide you with a range of services, such as translating conference calls, documents, and more, to remove the language barrier completely when selling your services/products.

Translation enables smaller businesses to communicate and elaborately explain to prospects what they do and why they are different. On the other hand, global translation services enable you as a business owner to understand exactly what a potential client is looking for – so you can provide them with just that!

 3. Legal purposes 

The third reason why small business owners should consider using global translation services for trading overseas is for legal purposes. There are, as with anything, rules for legal documentation when exporting products outside of the UK, which can be difficult to understand and stick to if you don’t have an understanding of the target language. If you take the plunge and trade with other countries without the support of a professional translator, you could even risk breaking the law.



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