3 Reasons Why Blackhat SEO Tactics Will Ruin Your Search Engine Rankings in the Long-Term: Do You Know What to Do Instead?

Black hat SEO practices may help temporarily increase your search engine rank, but they will eventually lead to decreased rank and probable blacklisting in the long-term. Most website owners want to get their sites listed as high as possible in search engine rankings, but taking the wrong path towards success can be problematic and a waste of time. Any time you go against the search engine’s terms of service, you are putting your site and its reputation at risk.

What Is Black Hat SEO?

Black hat SEO practices are sometimes effective in generating a higher rank for search engine result pages, but the practices used to achieve this jump in rank are questionable. Generally speaking, a black hat SEO approach is one that goes against the terms of service of the search engine site. These unscrupulous methods should not be implemented, no matter how tempting they may be.

3 Reasons Black Hat SEO will Ruin Your Search Engine Rank Long-Term

Taking the easy way out may be enticing in the short-term, but it can actually ruin your rank in the long-term. Search engine algorithms are constantly changing and they are better able to detect black hat means of SEO. When these are found, the site will dramatically drop in rank and could even be blacklisted. The following are the reasons you should always avoid black hat SEO practices.

1.One of the biggest reasons black hat SEO ruins the rank of sites is search engine bans. When it comes to SEO, having a high rank on search engines is crucial. If a site is banned, they will not be able to generate any level of traffic and will sit stagnantly.

2.If a website owner attempts to use black hat SEO methods, they will quickly be discovered. Google and other search engines change their algorithms as many as 500 times a year. Trying to keep up with these changes would be impossible. Although the results might be favorable right at first, as soon as the new algorithms come out, the black hat SEO practices will be exposed.

3.Some of the common black hat SEO practices include keyword stuffing, hidden text, automated content, article spinning, duplicates, and more. When the search engine bots and spiders pick these up, the rank of the site is immediately affected.

White Hat SEO Is the Way

In the long term, white hat SEO is the way to go. Many people hire a professional to help them rise in rank. With this service, website owners will be able to rest assured their site will continue to rise in rank naturally. When Google releases its latest algorithm changes, the site owner will not need to worry about a drop in rank or being blacklisted because of their poor SEO practices.


If you are considering using black hat SEO as a means to quickly rise to the top of search engines, you are taking a big risk. Ask any website owner who has been blacklisted and they will quickly tell you these practices are not worth it.

Content is key when it comes to rising in rank. Providing reliable and beneficial content will help Google and other search engines to properly rank your site and give you the recognition you deserve.


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