3 Essential Office Break Room Supplies for Maximizing Staff Productivity

The corporate break room can be either the saddest room or the most popular space in an office. Maybe it’s a place for workplace bonding, merriment, and laughter. Perhaps your break room has become the darker side of your office, i.e. a place of constant gossip and complaining. Because it plays such a crucial role in shaping office culture and productivity, the break room is something that C-level executives should frequently focus and work on.

In general, the break room should be a comfortable, inviting and handy location for personnel. It should offer them a chance to unwind when they need a mental break, engage in healthy discussions with co-workers or even indulge in snacks. Fortunately, encouraging a physical and mental break from the daily stresses of the organization is within your reach. You don’t need to go overboard with changes and upgrades, but if you stock your office break room with some major supplies, you’ll see a difference in workplace satisfaction and culture almost immediately. Take these traits of creative office break rooms as inspiration.

Water Dispenser

When walking into the office break room, the last thing any employee wants to see is a bacteria-ridden water dispenser. If that happens, it’s likely that your office won’t make the list of corporations known to ignite productive water cooler conversations. The good news is you can provide unlimited clean water to your staff without relying on jugs or bottles. Options like Aramark office water dispenser bring bottleless water cooler taps directly into an organization’s water supply unit. They can be used for drink mixes, coffee, soups, and any refreshment that require water for preparation. Bottleless water supply can also help improve your company’s carbon footprint as you’d be able to offer fully-sanitized water without the need to stock plastic water bottles.

Inspirational Books & Magazines 

Have a lot of thought-provoking books stacked in the break room. During breaks, employees should feel calm and relaxed. Good reads will help them focus on something else other than work for a while. Remember, many want to enjoy activities outside of their smartphone. Magazines and books that enhance mood and inspire creativity can be a great way to break free from the workplace chaos. In fact, book reading is highly beneficial and can improve thinking capacity. When you take this approach, make sure to offer a variety of reads that cover a range of subjects such as water sports, meal preparation, and entrepreneurial insights.

Light Décor

The break room in any organization should be an energetic, lively space. Having white walls with a bulletin reminding everyone of their responsibility is the last thing you want to have. Instead, get the break room painted with a vibrant color or request a modern pattern. You can also bring in multi-purpose tables so that it feels part of the office. Try not to overdo things either – just put together an elegant space that is a tad different from the rest of the rooms inside your building.

You don’t need to have the best office break room in the world to inspire workplace productivity. Make an effort to make yours a place where employees can genuinely refresh themselves, and you’ll be rewarded with better employee motivation and contribution.

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