3 Essential Items Needed To Go Wireless

If you are older than a millennial, you probably remember how long it used to take to set up a computer.  A tech support person probably spent hours rigging up a computer in your office or dorm room in the 90s.  Remember the sheer number of wires in the room?  It took great agility to avoid tripping over them.

Now we live in the wireless age, which is a welcome change from the wired 90s. Tylt wireless products, including rechargeable phone cases, let you avoid wires for long periods of time.  Tylt even makes a portable charger that does not need an electrical outlet to charge your devices.

Wireless Charger

Isn’t it silly that, while you use wireless Internet in a café, your phone is plugged into an outlet, charging?  Wouldn’t it be better if you could charge your phone as wirelessly as you connect to the Internet?  Wireless chargers make for total freedom.  You can take your coffee and sit next to the river while your devices continue to function.  You can charge your phone wirelessly while sharing pictures of the beautiful scenery on social media.

Wireless Backpack

Even better than carrying a wireless charger in your backpack is having a charging backpack.  While you hike or ride the train or bus, your backpack can keep your devices charged.  The charging backpack can charge phones, smart watches, and tablets.

Rechargeable Phone Case

Rechargeable phone cases have been around for a while, but they certainly make life more wireless.  Although you may take them for granted, they exponentially increase how long your phone stays charged.  The rechargeable phone cases from Tylt are powerful, stylish, and versatile.  The Energi Power case even has a removable battery component.  Therefore, you can use it as a charging case or as just a case.

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