3 Best Tips On Starting a Security Guard Agency

With the demand for private security services in the US anticipated to grow at an annual rate of 4.2 percent to $66.9 billion through 2019, it makes sense to invest time and money in launching a security business. However, it’s not a good idea to consider the whole gamut of the services as you may not have ample funds or other resources to support operations. If you want to target brick-and-mortar businesses that are looking to keep their warehouses and properties safe from robbery, violence and other similar crimes, perhaps the best business to start is a security guard agency

  1. Prioritize Your Team

Don’t make the mistake of under-investing when it comes to your staff. In the past handful of years, several security guard agencies have neglected their employees in favor of technology, which has raised issues like customers disrespecting the guards. Therefore, it’s important to gain a clear understanding of your staff’s needs and make sufficient investment in human capital.

You could do this in several ways. For instance, you could get your staff the best uniform and accessories by investing in top-quality security guard shirts, Galls best tactical belts and other necessary items. As an added benefit, some of these items would also serve a purpose in the personal lives of your employees. For example, the tactical belts from Galls are not only useful for storing security-related accessories; some models can also convert into a secure carry strap or tie-down for the ultimate in function and versatility.

While your personnel (security guards) won’t be having the same legal authority as the local police, they’ll be tasked with the responsibility of ensuring personal safety your customers and customers’ properties. Private security fills the gap that public enforcement isn’t able to fill adequately, such as watching over specific properties or guarding warehouses at specific hours. Below are 3 top tips to help you start your own security guard business.

  1. Pay for Licenses

The next step is to ensure that your front-line employees have the necessary licenses. Depending on where your establishment will be formed or is located, anyone you recruit will have to gain relevant work experience in the field unless they were previously servicing in law enforcement. For states in the US require a license and certification from an individual wanting to serve as a security guard.

The security guard license proves that an individual has the required set of skills to serve as a security guard. Rules to obtain this license vary in different states. For instance, to get this license as a resident of California, your personnel will need to go through training in the “power to arrest” apart from undergoing 32 hours of security guards skills’ training as part of a course approved by the California Bureau of Security and Investigative Service. In addition, employers also have to pay an application fee, which ranges from $50 to $80 depending on the proximity.

  1. Emphasize Your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)

As you market your agency, don’t just tell prospects how you can serve them better than other agencies out there; you should also emphasize why it makes sense to work with a private security guard agency over an internal security team. Even if a prospect doesn’t have an internal team, assume that they have this option available.

Here’s how you can make a strong case in front of potential clients:

  • Convey the time-savings that client can realize before no training would be needed.
  • Emphasize the labor costs they’d save if they hire externally (employment insurance, benefits, payroll)
  • Talk about how you’d be able to fill gaps when and coordinate schedules when an employee is sick.

Ready to Launch?

Creating a security guard agency require good planning and planning. To build a winning company, make ample investments in your employees, secure proper licensing, and emphasize how you can serve the customer better than other agencies out there.

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