10 Reasons Why Agile Scrum is your Next Career Move

Ever heard of Agile Scrum? If you’re an IT professional, you would have probably heard about it. Scrum is part of the agile methodology. This methodology is helping people in discovering ways to respond precisely and quickly to the inevitable changes and threats.

Agile is a software development methodology that can transform project management across businesses, industries. With the introduction of this methodology and its subset scrum people are dealing with their projects more quickly and accurately. This is a proven methodology and many industries across the world are using it deliver valued projects. It is applied to many projects and teams.

Agile scrum offers transparency and improves quality as it divides the project into manageable chunks. As the project is divided into manageable units it becomes easy for the team to focus on development, testing and collaboration. Each unit undergoes tests and reviews to improve the quality of the overall project.

Agile Certifications can help you in taking your career to the next level. Certifications such as  PMI ACP Certification will empower you and help you in becoming a skilled agile professional with knowledge on agile methodologies such as Scrum, Lean, Kanban. These certifications act as a validation for people to work across diverse project management techniques and tools. It provides marketability in the industry and validates an employees professionalism in agile principles, techniques, tools and practices.


Here are 10 reasons why you should choose Agile Scrum.



At present, the Agile Scrum certification is in high demand. Scrum career has made it to the most promising jobs list too. Out of all the Agile certifications, PMI ACP certification is in the top 8 Agile certifications. Demand for Agile skillset is the output of many factors such as customer expectations, multiple roles, dynamic market etc. The demand for Agile is high but the supply is low, making the most promising career right now. This is the right time to make your move and get a certification to solidify your career.


Advantage of starting early

There are few key advantages attached if you’re one of the early goers of any skill. Don’t you agree? People who are working in the field will have much information and exposure to agile certifications. They would also have the information on which course is in high demand. You can even move into coaching after good years of experience. The market is opening up for the Agile certifications and organisations are looking for candidates with agile competencies. The professionals can take advantage of this demand and make a career move.



Even though organisations are using agile for a long time. But it has become quite hard to find professionals with good knowledge and hands-on experience in the market. The supply is not as much as the demand. Many organisations and institutions have started agile certifications to help professionals. The professionals can showcase their skills by doing certifications. Since the market is scarce for good professionals. This is the right time to make your move and establish your career in it. Over the past few years, agile scrum has seen a considerable rise in the market and it is known that niche skills are always paid better.


Shorter time

In the past, there was a whole cycle involved in building a product. The cycle included designing, developing, testing and lastly, the product would go live. Even though the product was a client requirement, at the end of the cycle either the product was out-of-date or completely obsolete. The market now is faster compared to the past. It is moving at a faster pace and the delivery of products is expected fast and in small increments. The cycle of a product is shortened to meet the demand and make them shippable. Each of the units is tested and reviewed to maintain high-quality products are delivered to the customers. To make all this seamless and quick, it has become mandatory to have an agile skill set team. This only shows that the demand for agile scrum certification will raise more in the future.


Multiple roles

There are many agile methodologies or frameworks available in the market. Some of them are Scrum, Lean, Kanban, XP etc. Each of these certifications has different roles and organisations working with these frameworks need all these roles to implement that framework and make the process more streamlined and agile. Each role has its own responsibilities and challenges. Organisations are highly keen on implementing agile methodologies, so they are creating many roles in this domain. The professionals can choose a role that will take their career path in the right direction. Remember not every role will have a similar flavour.



Currently, the market is highly dynamic. The pace of it is highly volatile. What is relevant today may not be relevant tomorrow. The priorities and requirements are changing every day and the process to accommodate these changes is long and tiring, making it hard for the traditional ways to deal with it. This is why the market is turning towards agile and the organisations are in need of these agile skills. Since there are many certifications relating to agile. The professionals can choose the one that they deem is the right one for them.


Customer satisfaction

Customers are vital for any organisation. Companies are striving to keep their customers happy and improve their customer satisfaction. With Agile this is possible, it allows you to deliver the project on time without compromising on quality. So the companies are looking for professionals who can help them in improving transparency and deliver products faster.



Agile scrum allows a professional to have complete authority to know everything about a project. This transparency helps them in understanding the project better and identify issues in it. When they understand the issues in a project, solving those issues becomes easier and it will allow the team to deliver the project on time. So, if you’re certified in this course you can streamline the project and deliver it on time with high quality. Also, transparency reduces the miscommunication and allows the team to work better and deliver on time.


Efficiency & Risk

A professional with good knowledge of Agile Scrum makes it more enjoyable for the team to work. It improves the efficiency and quality of the work. The professional removes obstacles and helps his team in delivering the project and protects them from any external troubles. Agile scrum allows you to detect the risks faster and respond to them. The units of the project are reviewed by the professional and his team and this reduces the chances of failing a project.



It offers complete control for the team and professional on project performance. Professional with hands-on experience can make corrections to create better products by adjusting priorities at a given interval throughout the product cycle. They can even embrace the changes in the market and introduce them to the products. Agile Scrum certification provides you with an opportunity to create better projects in a systematic way saving both time and money.



Agile Scrum certification is currently in high demand. The scarcity in the market for professionals with good hands-on experience and knowledge is creating opportunities for many. Organisations are keen on hiring Agile scrum certified to streamline the product cycle and improve the quality. The pay-scales for the professionals is also high. So what are you waiting for? Active now and get your Agile Scrum certification to take your career in the right path.

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