10 Email Marketing Do’s and Dont’s

Sending and receiving information is the totality for every business. Email Marketing is an active way of kicking the inboxes and communicating with the targeted prospects. Email is one of the incredibly powerful tools to promote the brand’s image. Email marketing is not obsolete and evolved as a wiser medium. In the era of mobile and social media email is still gathering a lot of attention. According to the survey, 33% of the world population is still using email to communicate.

Thus from a Marketing point of view, email has standout as an invaluable tool to connect with the audience. Having said, this medium is preferably a challenging one where the modern user tends to drift away when nothing exciting strikes. Hence to strike the right note, have a glance of some dos and don’ts of email marketing.


Keep Learning
In recent times, everything is changing constantly, and new technology, trends are developing steadily in day-to-day life. Be it a communication, education in the market. New technologies in regards to email campaigning are coming and making even the small enterprises to think in a modern way. So one of the best strategies for email marketing is to regularly learn about new trends. Marketers can learn them by joining new communities or even checking the blog posts on a regular basis help to keep updated about everything which is new.


Make subscribing remarkable
Email is the best way to communicate and connect with the customers. It is also a useful tool to drive online sales. So the biggest challenge is to make people subscribe to the email and give permissions to their inboxes. Emails can stack their emails over the time quickly, so make the content useful, and fresh. If the content is created correctly, then there are chances of getting more subscribers.


Define the goal of the email
Email is the dominant medium for exchanging the digital messages from the business marketer to the recipients. Email is operated across many computer networks through internet. When sending the email have a specific purpose and define it clearly. Even there should be a call-to-action in place attached to that specific goal. To open an email, every subscriber thinks in the perspective of What’s in it, so the business should stick to that goal and then send it across.


Write compelling subject lines
An email subject line is a crucial factor in getting the email opened across different devices. The types of subject lines should be in a form of asking questions or promising the benefits, it should directly speak to the readers. The best Subject Lines should be short, descriptive and give the audience a reason or a purpose to read on. Douse the localization and mention the city in the Subject line when sending an email campaign.


Track the bounce rates
Always have a look at the improving measures and the current status. Always make a wise decision about email marketing by monitoring the bounce rate. There should be no high bounce rates, as the domain will be listed as bad which damages all the marketing efforts. In regards to metrics, ensure to monitor the bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, and Inbox Placement Rate.


Avoid using redundant words
Email writing is not the most straightforward job to do in a business. One small unintentional mistake can fast take things down. That’s the reason we have to be extra careful while pitching on an email marketing as opposed to a person or a call. Never use words like “Don’t delay in contacting me”. This is a way of showing the politeness that is unnecessary. Don’t use the technical jargons unless it is required. It is a major turnoff to the people when they start reading the email. Fluffy words are irrelevant and sometimes very hard to understand.


Don’t forget about the mobile
One of the mistake marketers overlooks while drafting an email is about the mobiles. If the email only caters to the desktops or laptops, there is a possibility of losing a large audience. According to the recent survey, one-third of the marketers remark that email is mostly read on the mobile devices. So, emails should be designed according to these smaller screens and their effectiveness. Hence the email created should best fit n phone or phablet or even in a tablet.


Never Purchase or rent the email list
Unless the marketer labels it as a spammer, one should never rent or buy the email lists. While renting or buying lists may seem like easy and time-saving process, this will undoubtedly annoy the marketers. The best idea is to reach out to the people about the products and services and make them sign up for email campaigns. Further, there will be no chance of opening the emails if the lists are rented or bought. Finally, the domain will be marked as a blacklist by Internet Service Providers.


Don’t forget to add subscribe box on the website.
List building in email is a daunting and time-consuming task. However, there is a process in place, there is a certainty of getting higher benefits and better responses. To make a comfortable place as the subscribe box on to the website where the visitors can sign-up and see the value in the information provided. They are even customizable signup form which automatically gives the addresses to the email list. Consequently, it is a way of developing the best quality email list.


Don’t brag
Always there should be a conversational email instead of one-sided conversation. It should never be like a monologue. This makes the audience feel boring and awkward. Connect with the consumers on an emotional quotient. This is a much more effective way when trying to build to create customer loyalty. Instead of just mentioning the feature, tell them about the benefits of the product. In consequence through this email marketing, the products should positively impact their daily. Always the email should be short and there should not be any lengthy sentences.



Email Marketing is a powerful tool which can be useful in attracting new clients and retain the existing one. This helps the company to garner brand awareness. Try keeping the email as simple as possible and don’t add any complex codes or any moving video. An email marketing campaign always relies on the content writers and make wise decisions based on the audience’s perspective. As the customers are always on the top-of-mind following the above tips and recommendations for email marketing becomes a successful campaign.


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