10 Businesses You Can Start On The Internet

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Starting a business on the internet is something many people think about time after time. So many people do it and there are so many success stories, so why not try it? Here you’ll find 10 ideas for businesses you can start on the internet to help you choose.

 Start A T-shirt Store Online

Have you ever thought about opening an e-store of your own? It can actually be really easy. A drop ship t shirt printing doesn’t require any investments and can be easily done by using a special platform like https://www.printify.com/print-on-demand/ – it’s one of the best. The only investments you might need and want to make in a business like this for promotions and advertisement. But there’s no way you can skip this step, because how people will know about your business? You can find many tips on the internet how to grow your Instagram and other social media.

Have A Facebook Store

If you don’t want to create an actual website with a store and it all seems too overwhelming to you, there is a way you can still have a store online. Facebook pages have a special option to add a “Shop” segment to your page. Here you can upload photos and descriptions of your products and even add prices. If this business goes well for you, after a while you might even consider building an actual website.

Start Translating

Translating is a very versatile business that can be done both online and offline. In order to start doing it online, you will need to buy a domain and create a website so that people could find you on Google and would be able to contact you. To easily add a contact form to your future website you can use wordpress forms from this site – you won’t have to pay to programmers for it.

Social Media Expert

Any social media, whatever it is – Instagram, LinkedIn, Youtube, Facebook or any other needs a strategy. It’s no longer enough to create a page or an account and to just upload random content at random times. It’s very important to decide on the goals of the company or project, style, the design of the content, and frequency. There is no doubt that a company needs a specialist to do all that. Just make sure you use tools to automate your social media – this will save you loads of time.

Travel Planning

Traveling is one of the most favorite free time activities of so many people. So why not make it a business? There are two ways you could go. One is to simply help people plan their trips – the plane tickets and everything else. And the other way to go is to offer better deals for a specific price. This way both you and your client will gain an advantage. Your client will save money and you will earn an additional percent form it. If this business goes well, some travel agencies might also start paying you to offer their services to your clients.



Image credit: Juja Han

 Podcasting is getting quite popular nowadays between so many different people. Even young people tend to listen to interesting podcasts way more often than ever before. So it’s a great niche for you to start. Of course, you will have to promote your business a lot at first, but later on, you shall have your own audience, partners, and much more.

Logo Design

Logo design is the easiest way to start your business with graphic design. Surely you’ll need a website so that people could find and contact you, and also see your portfolio. But you can start quickly by participating in logo design contests on specialized websites. If you win, you’ll gain clients and money faster, and if a company really likes working with you, you could become their graphic designer for a longer term.



Image credit: Anete Lūsiņa

 Some may think blogging isn’t trending anymore. But you’d be surprised to know how many active and successful blogs there are nowadays. All you’ll have to do to make money from it is monetize your blog. How? Start reviewing products and services and after some time you’ll start receiving requests from other people.

Selling On Etsy

Etsy is a wonderful platform for selling crafts. If you have something you are already selling on Facebook or even have a website, you can also sell on Etsy. The main reason why is that your target audience is already here – there is no need for you to advertise here. The only thing you might have to pay for is getting on specific listings.


If you can become a blogger, then why not become a youtuber as well? Here you can also review products and services in exchange for money or goods from that company.

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