10 Benefits Of Using AWS For Your Cloud Computing Needs

Thanks to the increasing demand for companies to develop their IT infrastructure into a cloud-based technology. At present, there are many cloud-computing companies than previous. 


According to the survey, cloud-based technology is enhancing as a staple for companies, with 70% of organizations having at least one program in the cloud. 


Hence, cloud computing means IT resource delivering on request with pay-as-you-go pricing with the support being allotted via the internet. Having said that, it is much needed requisite for business operations or just a photo sharing. Then, What is AWS? It is called generally as a cloud computing, web service for IT infrastructure which started by Amazon in 2006. These are commonly perceived as AWS (Amazon-Web-Services). AWS as a service strives towards rendering high computing capability in a more affordable and faster way.


Below are the few benefits that one can get by using Amazon Web Service and maintain the application on the cloud. 


  1. Zero CapEx

Many believe that cloud-based technology or Amazon Web Service is only for the riches. But, the reality is in contrast to that. AWS is acting as a field leveler that enables start-ups to use high-end technologies with zero capital expenditure. Start-ups avoiding the leverages of Oracle database or any program which are commercially used have high-upfront licensing fees, need to explore Amazon Web Service marketplace and in high-anticipation, they may find those services priced hourly with no up-front charges. However, the reality is that companies pay for what they have and when they have it. Decreased ongoing costs permit enterprises to better plan and estimate their cash flows and budget without spending more CAPEX  whenever any IT software fails.


  1. Elasticity

Among others, the most significant advantage of shifting to a cloud technology is the elasticity which cloud provides. Gone are the days where business needs to purchase extensive servers in expectation of a project and spending a high amount of money in this process. Business no need to struggle to backup or transfer files into the archive to allow room for new projects or programs when a substantial server nears capability. Alternatively, data storage and computing power are efficiently adjusted through a web dashboard from Amazon Web Service. Having said that, in AWS device performance and availability can be naturally decreased or increased to match the growing customer needs. 


  1. Easy to use and Flexible

Amazon web service mainly focuses on providing an easy answer which is securely hosted and fast. Amazon provides creative solutions to perform the work quickly and manageable for programmers. For instance, Amazon has provided Amazon RDS (Relational-Database-Services) in reply to the challenges of maintaining databases. 

From OS to the programming languages, users have the option to select the best. Users have the control on the virtual environment from where they can load programs and the services the application needs. This will make easy migration from current application and makes way for developing new solutions mutually.


  1. Cost-Effectiveness

Whether it may be a start-up or large enterprise AWS model will benefit them who cannot pay high up-front costs. There are no long-term assurances or up-front costs as Amazon-web-service provide economical pricing. Businesses can spend only as much computing power or room as required. There is no minimum expenditure or upfront costs. So, businesses can allocate lesser resources than needed and get customer satisfaction. However, AWS has a competing pricing structure that is a part of the cost. Thus decreased costs drive revenue by bringing on new possibilities as the cloud facilitates and responds quickly to changes whether it may be small or large. Accordingly, AWS has a proportion of a 64% decrease in the entire cost of ownership.


  1. Security

There are various measures to protect the security of all Amazon platforms and AWS.  AWS is a program agnostic to the languages and OS. Users can select the development or programming platform which can be most advantageous to the business. Users can use the operating systems, architectures, databases, programming languages they are familiar with. Securing the businesses from possible data hacks is a high precedence for AWS. They have well-acknowledged certifications and stick to privacy laws from around the globe. Dow Jones, Nasdaq use AWS, which is a evidence to know how this trusted AWS is a secured cloud technology. 


6.Disaster Recovery

Amazon is liable for the processing and the data for millions of companies. They have improbable redundancy and safeguarding programs in place to keep the data safe and backed-up. With a 99% assurance companies can be sure about their data is available always. Additionally, end users need not worry about their backup files in place or invest in virtual media for storing archived and old files. Amazon will take care of all these things.


  1. Reliable

Hundreds of thousands of people use Amazon Web Service. It has a giant team of tech professionals and a vast reach which allows Amazon to build robust server network and proved to be consistent and dependable. Their global presence enables them to deliver faster results. There is a flexibility for an admin to maintain and track cloud configuration via AWS.These tools help the IT managers to avoid improper configurations and needless expensive cloud resource categorizations. AWS gives many automation tools in its documents. An admin can automate infrastructure facilitating via AWS cloud formation templates, and use AWS opsJobs and automate system configurations. This tools from AWS provides reliable resources to use. To Know more about the AWS tools and configurations it is better to enroll in Amazon web services course.


  1. high-performance and Scalable

When the businesses are expanding, AWS scales with them. On the contrary, it is feasible to scale down when there is a slow time or off-seasons. AWS is easily adaptable regarding scalability so that companies need not worry about costs from services or products that they no longer need. By AWS, businesses can store and compute the resources as and when needed. AWS also provides a variety of AI delivery platforms which is sure to give high-performance for its end users. AWS also gives technology for programmers to develop smart apps which are of machine-learning technology and complex algorithms. These technologies and algorithms ensure high-performance. 


  1. No Negotiations

Surely negotiations are not a cup of tea for many and neither they like to spend energy and time doing that even though there is a skill. AWS greatly focuses on decreasing infrastructure charges for their users. They have decreased their pricing structure among different services for more than 30 times. AWS tools such as Trusted Advisor provide the users to know the optimization costs within the current setup on Amazon Web Services. Having said that, With AWS learning consultants and developers can create and prepare custom AI models with clumps of GPUs or compute optimized cases. 


  1. Global Leader

Amazon has a global presence operating in 190 countries. It supports millions of active users. They include some of the smallest and largest companies around the globe as their customers. They even count their services on public sector companies. Businesses around the globe trust on AWS leadership in cloud computing to develop creative solutions, improve their financial position and migrate crucial applications by eliminating costly technology. This shift helps the enterprises to gain agility, transform their business and improve organizational responsiveness. As AWS cloud is continuously expanding its services, it also has to decrease its prices. Thus with this added advantage users can work from anywhere around the world as long as there is an internet connection. Even there is no limitation of device used unless the device is a cloud-based. 



In simple, Cloud computing, a computing program is entirely based on the internet.  Compared to the past, where customers needed to run applications from a software which is downloaded from a physical computer or server, cloud-based technology helps them to obtain those applications via the internet. AWS is a secured service which reduces the costs of IT infrastructure such as servers and different tools along with the team required to maintain a similar infrastructure. So, there is a positive impact for the businesses using cloud computing down the line. AWS is also worth using it as it saves time, flexible and trustworthy. 


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