4 Interesting Machines Your Business Could Use

If you are looking to run a successful business, the very first thing you need to ensure you get right is hiring the best people for the jobs.  After that, you need to look at kitting out your office with the high quality, modern equipment that will enable you to operate effectively.  As well as computers, telephones, air conditioning units, coffee machines, printers, scanners, photocopiers and many other things you may consider as the norm; there are other, useful machines that will help your business,

In the following article, we will look at 4 machines and pieces of equipment that could help improve your business.

Dictation Machines

The first interesting machine we want to highlight is one that you may not have considered as being useful to your business.  However, if executives and other members of staff need to write reports, memos and letters; it could be a good idea for them to dictate and record it.  Speaking is a lot quicker than writing and can be done while they carry out other activities.  It’s true that the existing speech recognition software available constantly evolves, they are not completely free of problems.

The type of dictation machine you choose will depend on the members of staff who will be dictating, how many people will be using it, how often it will be used and the available budget you have to spend.  While some older dictation machines use cassette tapes other more up-to-date models use compact discs, digital recording or even phone system.  However you choose to record the audio, it can then be processed by another employee who could write it out as a document, save it and either make copies or email it on to the relevant people.

Laminating Machines

Often businesses do not use laminating machines as well as they should.  However, when an employer has copied or printed a document, it can be preserved between two thin layers of heat-sealed plastic.  When a piece of paper is inserted into a laminator, it is usually twice as big as standard documents but is folded over, leaving enough margin space around it for the plastic to melt into itself and form a seal.  Plastic and the document you are laminating are both inserted into the sleeve that ensures the document will pass through the laminator safely and smoothly, preventing the plastic from getting stuck to the rollers.

Folding Machines

Friction feed folding machines are appliances that fold and insert paper; normally used for mailing tasks that are time-consuming when carried out manually.  Modern machines can fold pieces of paper, insert them into envelopes and seal the envelopes.  Even if you have staff that is capable of sorting a couple of hundred mailings in an hour, it is nothing compared to the 1,300 that even the cheaper machines are capable of doing automatically.


Last but certainly not least, considering we live in a world where identity fraud is big business and a real concern for individual members of staff, customers and businesses in general, is shredders.  They are probably one of the most important investments you can make when you are looking to protect the security of your staff, clients, customers and anyone else.

It goes without saying that no-one should have to tear pieces of paper by hand, as it is tiring and time-consuming.  Shredders take the tiredness out of the process and help to save you time, and crucially they can cut the paper into tiny pieces that make it almost impossible to reconstruct them to figure out what the information is on it.

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